Grief Support in the Workplace

Workplace Support

Each of us will experience grief and loss at one time or another. As part of our commitment to the community, we walk alongside local businesses and organizations as they strive to support employees after the death of a co-worker or loved one.

We are committed to working with your Human Resources or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) personnel to identify the type of support needed as well as the timing and frequency of support. We personalize the program to meet the needs of your employees and your organization.


COJ Workplace Bereavement Supports Include:


  • Bereavement Education & Training
  • Grief in the Workplace Support & Resources
  • Bereavement Crisis Intervention & Consulting
  • First Responder, Healthcare, & Essential Workers Program

Bring Companions on a Journey to your organization.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can personalize a support program for your organization.  For pricing and to schedule, click the button below to reach us by email or call our office at (513) 870-9108.

In the United States alone, grief-related losses in productivity may cost companies as much as $75 billion annually.

- Sheryl Sandberg

Bereavement Education & Training

Grief in the Workplace Seminar

This seminar assists employees who have experienced the loss of a co-worker. These seminars are offered as a forum to grieve and share feelings, as well as to provide educational information.

Grief in a Bag

This seminar is developed as a lunchtime forum to provide education on grief and loss that helps build a grief-sensitive culture.  This series format is developed with the organization’s staff or Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to identify the number of weeks, shifts, and frequency of the presentations.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Gatekeeper Training

Question a person about suicide / Persuade the person to get help / , Refer the person to get help.  

This training is designed to teach staff the warning signs of suicide in an individual or impending crisis. It is an internationally recognized program developed for laypersons and an invaluable tool, especially for management staff.  We are Certified Gatekeeper Instructors for QPR Training and can provide training for your organization.

Additional Seminars

COJ will develop programs specifically for your business needs. Examples of previous programs include: Holiday Grief, Understanding Your Child and Teen’s Grief, Grief at Different Ages and Stages, Families in Grief, The Layers of Grief, Hope, Strength and Healing through Grief Retreat, and Long Distance Grief.

Grief in the Workplace Support & Resources

Ongoing Grief Support Group

COJ can develop a monthly support group for staff who are in need of ongoing support services related to grief.  We will partner with your organization to determine the timing and the frequency for support.  We will personalize the program to meet the needs of your employees and your organization. 


For resources to share with your employees, visit our Resources page.

Bereavement Crisis Intervention & Consulting

Corporate Crisis Intervention Collaboration Design

This service is offered to corporations as a preparedness plan in the event of the sudden death of an employee or co-worker. It supplements the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), handling larger numbers of employees during a crisis. This plan is developed by our staff that has experience in both crisis intervention and disaster recovery.

First Responder, Healthcare, & Essential Workers Program

What happens when encountering death and loss is part of your job? COJ is committed to supporting first responders, health care workers, funeral home workers, and other essential workers who serve and protect our community as they navigate both personal and professional grief.

COJ Services Include:

  • Targeted Bereavement Education & Resources
  • Custom-designed Team Support Groups
  • Individual Consultation and Crisis Support

We partner with police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and funeral homes to engage their staff in grief support and education. From support for those who witness loss on a regular basis to those experiencing the unexpected loss of a colleague, we can provide targeted support and resources.

To learn more about our support offerings or to schedule support for your police station, fire station, hospital, or funeral home, please contact us by email at griefsupport@companionsonajourney or call us at 513-870-9108.