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Our Wish List for 2015

COJ is a proud member, NAGC promotes awareness of the needs of children and teens grieving a death. 

Supporting Teens in Grief program by active involvement in school programs

Support COJ through the WCL foundation


All Star Gala


Nov 14th, Downtown Hyatt Hotel

Companions on a Journey

is excited to announce our All Star Gala the event includes dinner, silent and live auctions, presentations, and live entertainment by the group, Remains.

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In honor of Child Grief Awareness Day we celebrate the All Stars of our Lives, our 2015 Hope, Strength and Healing Award goes to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Jan Bormann, Linda Richey, Cathy Douglas-Penn


Special Guest Emcee is Tim Massa, The Kroger Co. Group Vice-President of Human Resources and Labor Relation.


6:00pm cocktails ~ 7:30pm Dinner, Dancing until 11:00pm


$100 per person ~ Selection of Sirloin, Fish or Veg ~ 2 cocktails


Special Commemorative Table: $1000 ~ Honor, celebrate and remember a loved one

Acknowledgment & remembrance in Honoree’s name


Silent Auction ~ Raffles, Black Tie optional

Sponsorships available, all proceeds benefit COJ


COJ is 100% privately funded through donations from individuals, companies, foundations, grants and fundraising events.  There is never a fee to participate in any program or services we provide.


In order for our event to be a success, we need your help!


By becoming a sponsor for our event, you will allow us to continue offering ongoing grief support that works with the bereaved on day one, one year, or beyond. We are there through graduations, after a crisis, and as a companion to children, teens and adults for as long a person needs our support.


Thank you for your consideration from the entire COJ organization!


COJ has several Sponsorship packages available.

Congratulations to Linda Bauer. Finishes 105 miles of bike riding.

It was a year long journey to shed the weight of Linda’s grief. Since the end of October of 2014, she started riding a bike since I could no longer walk due to a foot injury. It began slowly, very slowly. Being that I could not walk up the stairs without pulling myself up on the railing just a year ago, you can imagine just how slowly I began.

After nine months of training, Linda made here my first Century (100 miles)! on Aug 29th ~ I can’t believe it either!  She helped support Companions on a Journey, which has helped her shed some of her grief

Linda says “From the bottom of heart and the seat of my bike, I thank you all for showing COJ how grateful you are for all the work done in our community, with a small token of support.

With sincere appreciation of your support and your encouragement as I “Ride 100 for COJ!”

New Teens > COJ Connection

COJ Connection - connecting our high schools groups and grieving teens throughout the Cincinnati Tri-state Area.  Like us on Facebook

For more information contact, or call COJ at 513-870-9108 

Student from Chaminade Julienne HS, Dayton Ohio contribute to our Children and Teens-in-Grief program.

Our program is offered at various area High Schools. We see 15-25 students per school participating a year. 

Our goal is to create a safe environment where teens can come to share their feeling and emotions. The service we provide helps teens to know they are not alone. It will help them to understand the many aspects of grief, validate their feelings and find hope and meaning in their grief.

My heart ached,I felt dazed and confused. No words were needed. Only our hearts knew what our words could not express. I just wanted and desperately needed someone to listen.

John 15:12 “Love one another as I have loved you”

Grief no matter how it enters our life is real and has many layers. It causes a true HEART ACHE. Grief grips our hearts with a ripple effect that extends to our families, friends, co-workers and even to our children.

The spiral of our grief will lead us through many stages. It may even trigger additional grief from past losses. The initial impact leaves us in shock, anguish, despair. We may find that we are trying to safeguard ourselves followed by reconstructing ourselves and our surroundings - healing. The journey of a broken heart takes time to heal. Like a thumbprint no two people grieve the same.

With death or with any of life changes we must find a way to bring balance to our lives. I often use a slinky to demonstrate this to those who are grieving. At any given time during the stages of grief you may find yourself bottoming out, just as the slinky falls from your hand to the floor, stretching itself downward. Most of the time there will come the point when you spring back up. If you don't find yourself spring back up, reach out for help, see a counselor, find someone who will listen!

When you feel down allow the tears to flow. Many broken hearts may find themselves shedding lots of tears. Remember tears are a gift from God to help you empty some of your sorrow. When you feel you’ve been in the deep long enough take the time to remember. Allow yourself time to play. Allow yourself to laugh. Give yourself permission to live.

God has blessed us with his love and the gift of those whom we love, those who are now with him in Eternal life and those who remain with us.

This month take the time to remember. Take the time to allow your heart to heal. Continue on your journey of life for your hearts sake. Take the time to love for your love is a blessing.

Greater Cincinnati Bereavement Group Offers Help and Hope During Holiday Season

When a loved one has died Christmas can be a painful reminder of a life that used to be. WNKU’s Cheri Lawson reports on an area bereavement group that offers help and hope during the holiday season

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4th Quarter 2014 Newsletter Dec 2014 (r9[...]
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CoJ works at healing the whole family


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Episode 12: The Tragedy of Suicide

Summary:  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with 38,000 suicide deaths reported each year. In today’s society, there’s a stigma associated with suicide. Most people won’t talk about it and treat it with fear. But being upfront about the struggle and seeking help can prevent the loss of a precious human life. Each death has a ripple effect the impacts friends and loved ones. With more education, prevention and treatments, some of these lives could be saved.



Practical information from community experts on how to  stay mentally well and recover from mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Check out these Articles: 

Holy Ground - Page 10 - One schools story of courage and compassion


Center of Strength, Hope, and Healing

COJ provides “ongoing” grief support to children, teens, and adults. COJ becomes family to those we serve. Just like grief itself, our programs do not have a time limit, which helps restore individuals and family balance. Over the past year, we've assisted over 4,000 persons of all ages throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Cincinnati Enquirer   Special Featured article       Jun 9th, 2013

The Rules of Grieving:        They are still boys

Last summer, reporter John Faherty with the Cincinnati Enquirer approached grief counselors Sheila Munafo-Kanoza and Pat Buckley and asked if he could report on their work at Archbishop Moeller High School. Companions on a Journey “Teens-in-Grief” program got its start at Moeller High School


The boys and school counselor Jim Elfers were generous enough to allow Faherty to attend all of their meetings. There were no limits placed on what Faherty could or could not report. They did so in order to show grief and the difficult process of working through it.


In the story, we identify the speaker of comments made by the five boys we focused on during the year. Those are the boys we later spoke to outside of group. We also spoke to their parents and guardians. In other instances, the speaker is not identified to respect their privacy.


This is their Story:

Lord, we praise You for blessing us with Your love and the love of each other. "Come Lord, Be our Guest and hold our hearts in Your hands.” Draw us ever so close to You so that we may become Companions on a Journey seeking Your peace, Your strength and Your love. Amen.

Our Mission

Companions on a Journey’s mission is to provide ongoing support and life balance for the bereaved in families, schools, businesses and organizations, with faith, hope and love: one child, one teen, one adult, one family at a time.


Our Vision

We seek to be the most compassionate and effective faith-based bereavement support center in the Tri-State area serving individuals, families and groups at any stage of their grief so they may come and find hope, strength, and healing.