Have you made a memory box for your grieving child yet? A memory box is a container that has items in it that remind your child of their loved one. It can contain pictures, items that used to belong to their loved one, items from specific activities that your child and their loved one did together such as a ticket stub from a concert that they attended, and items that simply bring a memory, such as including a candle of a scent that their loved one used to enjoy.

Having a memory box is great for your child to look through when they feel like they are missing their person. This can help them to feel connected to their person, to have a reminder of the positive times, and to process their emotions.

If your child is up to it, they can even help you to create the memory box! This will likely make it more meaningful for them. Depending on the material that you choose for the box, your child may enjoy decorating the outside of the box. Then, they can help you to pick which items should go inside.

We’d recommend leaving the box in a place that feels accessible to the child so that they can look through the box when they feel that they need to. Let them know where the box is, that they can look at it when they feel like it, and that you are available to be with them for support should they need it.

We hope that creating a memory box is a helpful tool for you and your child!