Use movement to help clear your mind.
This month, our groups will explore how movement can be a great way to help care for ourselves. Movement can benefit us both mentally and physically. Movement can aid us in our ability to do daily activities. And movement can also help us on our grief journey! 

Movement can be a good way you can clear your mind: think about how you feel when taking a walk on a nice day. Try taking a walk while listening to music. This could help you think about something other than the grief you are experiencing, as well as help you feel happier through your favorite songs. 

If walking is not your preferred activity, or if it is too cold outside to walk, consider doing a mindful activity such as yoga. Yoga can help the brain and body to calm down and provide needed time to stretch and engage in mindfulness. If yoga isn’t appealing, try thinking through what types of movements bring you joy. It can be especially helpful to think back to what movements you enjoyed as a child. Did you enjoy dancing, roller skating, or playing sports? Consider adding one or more of these activities to your schedule.

Movement does not have to be intense to be beneficial. Find something that makes you feel happy and do your best to simply enjoy the present moment!