Continuing family bonds after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. This is because after the loss different emotions creep up on us, which can affect our ways of looking at life and how we do our day-to-day operations. After losing a loved one, strengthening other existing bonds with family members or other close friends, or creating new bonds, is important for healthier grieving.

Feeling alone on your grief journey is very common and can be challenging. This is why building connections with those around you is very helpful because when you need someone to talk to, or someone to cry or laugh with, the people you can count on will be there.

The easiest way to build or strengthen bonds with family or friends is to simply spend time together. Here are some ideas to try that can help strengthen bonds with your children, family members, or friends:

  • Painting with each other.
  • Do a project together.
  • Do household tasks at the same time.
  • Talk about how you are feeling with one another.
  • Enjoy the fall season together.
  • Explore new locations or go on an adventure together.
  • Create new memories together.

Simply find things that everyone will enjoy. Many of these are just ordinary things we do with those we love. But while grieving, even the ordinary can seem hard or daunting. This is why doing them together will help develop or create stronger bonds with family and friends. Being there for each other can make a huge impact on how your grief journey will go. Try it out and see that you can learn to go through these difficult moments together.

Remember as always, we are here for you.

-Hayden Brown, COJ Social Work Intern